What can I do for you?

You can have many questions in your life. Some examples:

  • How is life working for me here as an expat?
  • There are issues in my family and I am not sure how to deal with it.
  • My choice of study is not working out and I am thinking about changing. What to do? How will my parents respond?
  • I have trouble communicating with my fellow expats
  • Should I step out of this relationship or try to give it new energy?
  • I am always so busy! It makes me unhappy, but how do I change this?
  • I would like to have more self-confidence.
  • Living as an expat challenges me a lot, it gives me anxiety.
  • I am 40 and think that is the right time to change jobs, but to what?

With all the various questions it is the perfect time to talk to a life and/or career coach. Getting an answer,
finding structure and making steps forward.

I can help you with this!

Everyone has his or her own unique story. Everyone has his or her own difficult problems to solve. I believe that the best thing to do, is to confront the problem, set a clear goal for the future and to make a plan on how to achieve it.

It is not easy to figure out what goal to strive for and how to achieve it. It comes down to the question: Do you want to be guided by what has been or wat can be? The answer should be ofcourse: what can be! You can ask yourself:

Who am I, what do I want, and how can I achieve that?


My name is Marian van de Berg and I am a life- and career coach. Through my own experiences, I want to help others in reaching their potential by daring them to change their lives. But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself to show you the path I went through to reach my destination and how I can help you reach yours.


As a mother of three I was always used to combine work and family. Taking care of my family was my first priority, while also making time for both a job and a personal life. A difficult, but rewarding balancing act. In 2013, we moved as a family to the United States and there I was an expat, where we lived for a number of years.  It was also in this period that my relationship of 30 years came to an end. It was a life-changing moment. I came back to the Netherlands with a completely different view of my future than I had when I left. In this journey, I had to make tough decisions, rebalance my life and shape my own future. I decided on a destination for myself and started walking my path.


Now, I can confidently say that the experiences of the past years have made me a stronger person. In this process, I have learned to look forward, to make choices and see the possibilities. Being conscious of making choices for my working life made me see that my passion is coaching and that I wanted to work professionally in it.
I have educated myself and now I have my own office as a life- and career coach!

In an intake session we could meet each other and see if there is a connection that would make you comfortable to start this process. This intake is free of charge.

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