What can I do for you as an expat?

You can have many questions in your life. Some examples:

  • How is life working for me here as an expat?
  • There are issues in my family and I am not sure how to deal with it.
  • I do not like the way my life is working out en do not know how to change it.
  • I have trouble communicating.
  • How do I say NO?
  • Should I step out of this relationship or try to give it new energy?
  • I am always so busy! It makes me unhappy, but how do I change this?
  • I would like to have more self-confidence.
  • Living as an expat challenges me a lot, it gives me anxiety.
  • How to cope with stress?

With all the various questions it is the perfect time to talk to a life and/or career coach. Getting an answer,
finding structure and making steps forward.

I can help you with this!

Everyone has his or her own unique story. Everyone has his or her own difficult problems to solve. I believe that the best thing to do, is to confront the problem, set a clear goal for the future and to make a plan on how to achieve it.

It is not easy to figure out what goal to strive for and how to achieve it. It comes down to the question: Do you want to be guided by what has been or wat can be? The answer should be ofcourse: what can be! You can ask yourself:

Who am I, what do I want, and how can I achieve that?


My name is Marian van de Berg and I am a coach. My specialities are:


  • Lifecoaching
  • Career coaching
  • Stress and burn-out coaching

I also do this specifically for expats.

Through my own experiences, I want to help others in reaching their potential by daring them to change their lives. Daring could sound too challenging, but if you can feel what a small step forward can already mean for you then the challenge doesn’t feel that scary. It can just show you what potentials you have and do not use. What opportunities you miss out, etc. If you know who you really are, you can live your best life.


Let me tell a little bit about myself to show you the path I went through to reach my destination and how I can help you reach yours.


As a mother of three I was always used to combine work and family. Taking care of my family was my first priority, while also making time for both a job and a personal life. A difficult, but rewarding balancing act. In 2013, we moved as a family to the United States and there I was an expat, where we lived for a number of years.  It was also in this period that my relationship of 30 years came to an end. It was a life-changing moment. In this journey, I had to make tough decisions, rebalance my life and shape my own future. I decided on a destination for myself and started walking my path. This path has shown me who I am and made me more self-aware.


It has resulted in a different career path and now I can say that I am very happy with who I have become.


“Dare to change your course” is a quote I live by. I would love to give you that experience too.

Feel free to contact me for an intake. This is free of charge and gives you information if I am the one that makes you feel comfortable to work on YOU. Figuring who you are and what you want or need.

Marian van de Berg - Lifecoach, Loopbaancoach en Stress- en burnout coach omgeving Amersfoort | Expat friendly

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